Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I'm not sure we ever realized the number of visitors we'd be receiving here in Nassau when we transplanted ourselves!  A few of these globe-trotters did not stay in our home while visiting, but we had them over for visits, overnights, or meals during their stay on the island.  Here's a list of all the visitors we've hosted in the 17 months we've been here:

  • July 2012: Tom  and Cindy Ryan (Gaithersburg, MD)
  • August 2012: Paul and Jackie Bunting and Jesse Ramsdell (Keith's parents and nephew from Florida)
  • Sept. 2012: Aron and Ellie Osborne (Orlando, FL)
  • Feb. 2013: Alyssa Waite (Terre Hill, PA)
  • Feb. 2013: The Privitera Family (Lancaster, PA)
  • March 2013: Chris Jessee (Orlando, FL)
  • April 2013: Anthony and Yvette Rood (Frederick, MD)
  • June 2013: Kim, Nathan, Philip and Jack Fernandez (Keith's sister and Family Warner-Robbins, GA)
  • June 2013: Neal Cypher (Kristin's brother, Atlanta, GA)
  • June 2013: Kevin and Becca Deming (Holly Springs, NC)
  • August 2013: Gracie Brown (Niceville, FL)
  • August 2013: Chris and Stephanie Jessee (Orlando, FL)
  • Nov. 2013: Elisa Pawson (Lancaster, PA)
  • Nov. 2013: Next Week: Randy, Tina, and Phoebe Wenger (Lititz, PA)
  • Nov. 2013: Week of Thanksgiving: Kevin and Diana Bunting and Matthew Ramsdell (Keith's brother, sis-in-law, and nephew from Orlando)

Ticket-holding visitors so far for 2014

  • Feb. 2014: Addison, Dana, Alyssa, Zane, and Mikaya Waite (Terre Hill, PA)
  • Feb. 2014: Doug and Brenda Plank (Millersville, PA)
Hospitality has become something we long to do better.  Currently, the home we rent is fairly well laid out for hosting visitors.  Starting early spring, we will begin looking for a new home to rent.  Our current landlords want to move back into this home. While trying to keep costs as low as possible, we still want to be able to offer beds to sleep in and bathrooms to use for our many guests.  A pool is a nice bonus, but not a necessity.  And along with our house-guests, we also show weekly hospitality through care group, youth group events, meals with church families and friends, and friends outside the church.   Will you pray along with us that God will provide something in budget that will bless those who come to visit? 

Just as God, through Christ, welcomes those both near and far into his kingdom, we want to reflect his character in the way we welcome others.  This is a work in the making, I assure you.  As you pray for us to find another rental home here, pray also that God will continue to equip us with skill and open hearts to receive all the dear ones He brings our way.

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