Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hellos and Goodbyes (again)

It seems that the last two or three years have been full of more hellos and goodbyes than we can really record.  Between moving from Lancaster to Maryland, spending 10 months at Pastor's College, saying goodbye to all those new friends, moving to Nassau and saying goodbye to all our U.S. friends, and then the many deaths we've mourned while here...well it's just been a lot.

Yesterday, around 9:15am, Keith's dad went to be with the Lord.  It was not quite 14 months ago that we all said goodbye to Mom Bunting and we wondered how long Dad would last without his lifetime sweetheart by his side.  So, in many respects, yesterday was a joy to our hearts.  Knowing Dad loved Jesus and not only has now seen Him face to face, but has also seen his sweet Jackie, gives us great comfort.  This set of parents and grandparents leave behind a legacy to their family; of love for Christ, love for one another, and love for all those God brought into their paths.
Dad and Mom Bunting
August 2012
Still in love after 55+ years of marriage
And in the midst of this bittersweet time, we've had the company and fellowship of good friends from Terre Hill, PA.  Addison and Dana Waite, a couple we befriended through Keith's car sales job, brought their three children and came to spend the week here with us.  Addison and Dana have been faithful friends to us; laughing with us, caring for us, and providing a friendship that has proven to withstand all our moves and chaos.  These two, along with their children, were our only "non-Crossway Church" friends during our years in Lancaster.  Attending Petra Church in New Holland, Addison and Dana are highly active members of their beloved church and are an example to us in the way they love their children.  They have been such a blessing to us this week; bringing us treats, taking us out for dinner, encouraging us, and giving us the gift of laughter in the midst of what could have been a sorrowful week.  Ultimately, we see God's kindness to us through them.  How He loves to care for His children through the hands of His children!  And that's exactly how we see it this week.  Their love, expressing God's love to us. 
Dana and Addison

Alyssa, Dana, Mikaya, Addison, and Zane Waite
Due to the quick plans for Keith's dad's funeral for this Saturday, Keith leaves today to fly to Orlando and help with the planning.  The girls and I will not be going, but are so glad the Waites are here to keep us company for another night and half of tomorrow.  Again, God's provision to us when we didn't even know we would need it!  Today we rejoice that in this life, though there is sorrow, and though the hellos and goodbyes seem to never cease, God gives us many wonderful people to share the journey with us.