Tuesday, 26 November 2013

it's actual, it's factual

Recently, an American friend made a comment on our facebook page asking, "Aren't there any Taco Bells there?"  Well the answer is "No."  So in this little lighter-side post, I thought we'd just give the run-down on what American things there are and are not in this new country of ours.  Today is our 17 month anniversary of living in Nassau, so in honor of those months, here we go!

American restaurants:

Burger King
Marco's Pizza
Domino's Pizza
Dairy Queen
Dunkin' Donuts
Johnny Rockets (Atlantis area, prices are of course NOT American prices!  But not astronomical)
Carmine's (Atlantis area.  Looked in, too expensive)
Subway (this one is back and forth, has been called "Bahamas Subs" and "Subway")
Outback (Woo-Hoo!  This is brand spankin' new.  Cheapest dinner is $19, but maybe for a special night like our upcoming anniversary?)

I think that's all.  Quite a few, actually.  As long as you like fast food!

Now as for stores, SORRY.  Nothing American here.  NO WALMART.  NO TARGET.  If those things existed here, Bahamians probably wouldn't leave the island nearly as much!

The closest thing we have to Walmart is a place called Solomon's.  It actually looks like the old blue Walmarts, with the little red star under the word "Supercenter."  Unfortunately it doesn't have the Walmart prices or variety!  We also have a CostRite, which is like a Costco, but obviously much smaller and with much less variety.  The prices are of course, not American either, but there are some deals to be found.   Some simple price comparisons for you are as follows:

gallon of Milk: $7 and up
loaf of bread: $3.40 and up
doz. eggs (on sale) $1.87
Coffee, small can of Folgers Classic Roast $7
Starbucks small bag of coffee: $12
5 lb. bag sugar: $2.49 and up
8 oz. bag choc. chips: $6
10 oz. bag of chopped walnuts: $9
1/2 gallon Breyers Ice Cream: $11 and up
Small jar of Peter Pan Peanut Butter: $4.79 and up
6 oz. bag of Doritos: $5
Pack of Oreos: $7
individual cup of yogurt: $1.21 (.89 on sale!)
Pack of Andy Boy Romaine lettuce: $4.89 ($3.69 on sale)
Apples: .89 a piece
Grapes: 3.99 a lb., $2.99 on sale
12 pack of soda: $13.49
Spaghetti sauce: 2.79 for Can of Hunt's

All in all, not terrible for most things.  You can see that snack foods (or junk food) is where they really get you, as well as certain produce like apples.  The only time I buy apples is if I see them on clearance, packaged together.  The only time we buy things like Doritos is for Birthdays or if they go on major discount.  We never buy anything like Breyers ice cream.  Chocolate chips are only bought if it's someone's Birthday or a special holiday.

We so appreciate all of our friends who willingly bring us treats from the states!  We would feel much more "cut off" from normalcy if there weren't some occasional times where we get to have the treats we once took for granted back in the U.S.  God is good.

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