Thursday, 7 November 2013

though godless men conspire

Early in the morning of November 6, one of our dear church members lost his 34 year old sister and 14 year old niece to violence here in Nassau.  The news is devastating.  Allegedly, the person whom the suspects were attempting to kill was also in the home, but survived with only a gunshot to the leg.  The perpetrators opened fire on the home, leaving bullet holes everywhere.

As time progresses, more information will reveal the truth of what took place in those early morning hours, but the fact remains that murder was attempted and the innocent were killed in the wake.   

Years ago, when we travelled with a college singing group, Keith and I used to sing the song "God is in Control."  Here are the words I remember most right now:

God is in control
Though godless men conspire
His will unfolds
Though some are left to doubt
His ways are higher than our ways
So even through the fire,
Take heart and know...
God is in control

Does it seem, like the world
Is chaotically turning?
Sin and shame, un-arraigned
While godly men are adjourning?
Well our fathers warned that it would come to this
But just "hold your hat" and know that the final truth is...

God is in control

When life seems to make anything but sense, this is what we cling to....God Is In Control.  Nothing is outside his power to control. 

Please be in prayer for our dear friends at Kingdom Life...the Ingrahams (in-grams), as they grieve this terrible loss.  And also, please pray for our church as a whole...that God will bring good from this to stir our hearts for the lost, unite our hearts in compassion and brotherly affection, and cause us to examine our own response to the Savior.   We know there are many in our church who do not profess to be saved.  They come week in and out, sing the songs, yet do not want to commit their lives to God.  Pray that in moments like these, they will consider the life they are leading and see that "today is the day of salvation."

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