Friday, 11 October 2013

free to homeschool

In light of recent events making "Homeschool News" (aka...the German family who had their children removed from their home over the illegal choice by the parents to homeschool), I realize that I can be SO thankful to God that we are living in a country (The Bahamas) where the right to homeschool is protected by law.  Since we are not citizens of The Bahamas, I don't think our children would be permitted to attend the public school system (nor would we feel extremely safe doing so), and we definitely can't afford the private schools here (about $10,000 a year per child), so it was providential that we were already homeschooling when God brought the possibility of moving here to our attention. 

We have a Homeschooling Association that meets here several times a year.  Most meetings are for moms to give and receive support.  But a few Fridays ago, we had a "Back to School Bash" at a neighborhood park for all the kids.  I believe there were about 180 people in attendance that day.  It was HOT, but fun, seeing the kids engaged in many "field day" type games such as tug-of-war, balloon relay races, and three-legged races.  I helped out with the 10-13 year old group and we had plenty of laughs together.  This is the first event that our girls were able to go to and I think they were surprised at how many homeschooled students there were on this island!

Kendall, Abby, Kara, Keaton (right of picture)
I met some wonderful moms that day, most of whom are Christians.  Next Friday, Oct. 18, we will be opening up our pool for a homeschool hang-out day.  Here are some pictures showing you the fun we had at our field day.  ENJOY!
Kara in the pink pants...we're about to do the hula hoop game
Kristin making sure the circle remains unbroken
Abby Moss (far left) and Keaton in the teen group
About to do a relay...Kristin on the right
Relay in action...Tense!!

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