Saturday, 11 May 2013

Mother's Day Brunch

Just back from our Ladies' event, a Mother's Day Brunch which was held from 11am-1pm today.  Grace and I were handling the decorating for the event...which according to Grace turned out WAY simpler than usual.  I, however, thought it was more decorated than most ladies' events I've been to!  Lots of work and love went into this day, so I thought I'd give you a peek into our church life.
our lovely ceiling focal point

we used teapots for each centerpiece
Grace (who is also our church secretary) and I started decorating on Wednesday.  Lots of hours went into trying to string these lights, tulle, and balloons!  Next year, we will be using what we learned from the process to make things run more smoothly.
a view into our room
A few ladies in the church willingly loaned their teapots for us to fill with flowers and use as our centerpieces.  I think they turned out beautifully, don't you?

the girls rehearsing a "tribute
to mother"

Keva, in the black and white, was our guest of honor
 To add many dimensions to our program, Alexine, Cedric's wife (affectionately called "Sister Alexine" by our children) had the young ladies prepare a M-O-T-H-E-R acrostic tribute where each one spoke a word of honor to our mothers.  We also had a musical piece, "You Raise Me Up," sung by our young ladies in two-part harmony, a short devotional by Alexine, a reading of a poem (written by yours truly) and a time of paying honor to our own Keva Poitier.  In another post I've written of Keva, who has been an exemplary sister in Christ, daughter, and mother despite the very difficult trials God has brought her through.  She has spent about two months of this new year in the hospital so far, yet continues to praise God and relish every moment she gets to be with God's people.

Kendall and her friends Darnell and Jada
We had about 60 ladies in attendance, a good portion of which were family of members or recent attendees at our new "Alternatives" class on Tuesday mornings.  Hopefully gospel connections were made amidst the food and socializing of this event.  We are beginning to see God answer our prayer to "bring the lost to our doorstep."  Please continue to pray that we will impact this community for Christ.  There is an estimate of 1,200 churches on this 21x7 mile island, but many of them are preaching "another gospel."  Health, wealth, and prosperity is not the good news.  Being set free from our sin and God's wrath is.  Pray that our little church will be faithful to make it known.

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