Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Flood 2013 Nassau, Bahamas 2

 One week ago last night, we received a very unexpected monsoon.  People simply weren't prepared.  The weather forecasted a 60% chance of rain, but in fact, the rains and winds were much worse than most hurricanes the Bahamas has sustained.  Several of our neighbors lost furniture, even cars.  Their homes are still being purged of flooring, mattresses, and everything the floodwaters damaged.  In this video, you'll see the neighborhood which received the worst of the flooding...Pinewood.  Here in the east we received the majority of rain...12 to 15 inches of rain, plus upsurges of springs from underneath the ground.

Please continue to pray for Nassau as we are expected to have another 72 hour period of monsoon-like rains today through Saturday morning.  So far it is not nearly as intense as last weeks' storm, but if even one day mirrors last Tuesday night, many will suffer.   We're so thankful we only saw light water flooding our bedroom and did not have any property damage.

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