Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Meet the Seeleys

Back in the winter, we began praying that in growing Kingdom Life Church, God might send strong families to us.  What God did was so much more than that...He sent the Seeleys.  Tim and Mindy and their boys Zach (second from left) and Logan (far right) visited our church in their quest to find reformed, gospel-centered church with expository preaching.  They found Kingdom Life and haven't turned back.  "The best kept secret on the island" is what they call our church.   Tim and Mindy and two of their four sons moved here in January to take on the job of running Adventure Learning Camp.  Though technically this is Tim's position, such a job really pulls at every member of the family.  Hailing from the twin cities originally, Tim was a journeyman, then master plumber.  Mindy continued to work part time as a nurse at night while homeschooling their boys during the day.  They were fully involved in their church.  After reading Randy Alcorn's Money, Possessions, and Eternity, they began to consider full-time mission living.  And a few years later, here they are in Nassau, directing a camp that hosts missions teams from all over the world.  They've given up homes with double the bedrooms and baths for a small two-bedroom, one bath home on the camp property.  They've spent their own savings to move themselves a few thousand miles from home, never looking back. 

Last night we had the privilege of having the Seeleys here for dinner.  As we feasted, we discussed how each family found their way here to Nassau and to Kingdom Life.  It was such an easy connection to be with them, and the night sped by as we talked of God, His ways, and our experiences so far in the Bahamas.  Tomorrow the Seeleys head back to the U.S. to raise support, give reports on their ministry, visit family, and then head back to Nassau in early July.  We shall miss them, but look forward to the months ahead!  We will hopefully connect with them early in July as they bring one of their older sons, Garrett, back for a visit during his college break.  Then we head to the U.S. on July 8th.  You can follow the Seeleys and check out their work at Adventure Learning Camp here:

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