Monday, 4 March 2013

so this is winter!

March came in like a lion here.  Yes, winter finally arrived in Nassau.  Now you sturdy Lancaster County folk will laugh, no doubt, as we would have a year ago, when we tell you the actual weather.  Remember though, as your blood is adjusted to cooler temps through the fall, leading up to harsh winter cold, we went from 83 degrees with sun and no wind one day to 60 degrees with no sun, lots of rain, and 12 mph winds the next!  Yep.  That was winter.  It was 63 in the house, with the oven on.  We did not think it possible, but we were cold!  No warm blankets, no heaters, no sweaters, and worst of warm water.  The down-side to having a solar water heater is that no sun =  no hot water.   Showering in our home between October and April must happen between the hours of 2 and 5 pm if you want warm water! This doesn't work so well for Keith, who is always at the church office during those hours.  In the summer of course, there is never a shortage of hot water, even though in the heat of those days, a cool shower would be appreciated.  A bit mixed up.

One weather site I keep on my favorites list described our arrival of winter as "refreshingly cool." Ha!  I think it might have been very "refreshing" in the summer.  So it has happened.  We are Bahamian in our body temperatures.  Winter is now a 60 degree sunless day.  I believe that was called "April" in Lancaster. 

The result of this sudden change in the weather is that Keith, along with several others in our church, are now sick with colds.  We are happy to see the sun again today, though the temperatures are still in the 60's.  The land of endless summer has had its winter.  No doubt we will be missing these cool days come July!

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