Wednesday, 27 March 2013

looking for rest in a busy week

Tonight is gloriously unpacked for the Buntings.  At the start of this week, we were expecting 5 nights and 2 mornings for our family to be involved at church.  But much to my happy surprise, tonight's Care Group meeting was cancelled.  (Not that I don't love Care Group...but...)  With this being Easter week, we will present two nights of "Jesus, Rock of Ages," the musical Keith and I have compiled over the last few months.  Years ago, back in another land far, far away, we used to present yearly Christmas and Easter productions, sometimes involving full scale sets, hired-out extra lighting, t-shirts with our production logo and massive amounts of rehearsing.  Well, gone are those days.  No, this musical is simple.  It is built around quotes on the life, death, and resurrection of Christ made by men much smarter than ourselves: Calvin, Spurgeon, Apostle Paul. I did write narration to seam these quotes together with the musical selections, but it was easy with such great material to work around.  Last night was our first full run-through with everybody.  It was rewarding to see it come together...and difficult to see so late in the game how it could have been better.  We will do our best to tweak things before the first presentation this Friday night, but we know God will be praised in our efforts.

Thursday (tomorrow) night, we will have our dress rehearsal.  Friday morning we have a "Good Friday" service, followed by our first presentation of the musical that night.  Saturday is off, other than Keith playing for a wedding, then Sunday we meet morning and evening, with our second musical presentation at 7:30 pm.  Again, we are so thankful for a night off tonight!

Coming off of a full weekend with the Metro Life ministry team being here, we are feeling the crunch of the busy life, but know God will meet us in it!

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