Friday, 15 March 2013

a week in the life

March 15.  One month 'til tax day!  Yes, we still have to fill out U.S. tax forms, even though we live in another country.  But along with tax season comes two of our girls' birthdays, preparation for Easter, and many other activities on our church calendar.  Next weekend, a team from Metro Life Church in Orlando will come and lead us through a seminar on spiritual gifts.  Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning will be spent gleaning from this helpful group.

In the last 6 weeks, our church has been hosting Christianity Explored, a class similar to Alpha.  Each Wednesday night we arrive about 7pm to set up the food we've brought and prepare to serve the 30 or so people who will be on site that night.  Of those 30, about 15 are attendees for the course, including some of our own church young people and their parents, and some guests.  According to Keith, this last week was particularly meaningful as many in his group were affected by the statement "What we learn in Mark's account is that we are far more sinful than we know, yet we are far more loved than we could possibly imagine." 

Alongside this course, we continue to prepare for our Easter Musical, Jesus, Rock of Ages.  Last night at rehearsal, the worship band was sounding particularly good!  Please pray for our rehearsals and for all to come together by Good Friday evening, when we present it for the first time.  With the Metro Life group coming next weekend, we are a bit more strapped for time than we originally planned.

  We are also excited to be hosting four sets of visitors over the next months.  This keeps us busy as tour guides...which we love.  It's amazing how suddenly people we haven't seen in years are coming to see us!  Wonder why?   Well, it might be that the Bahamas is just a tad more exciting than Lancaster, PA or Gaithersburg, MD.  Just maybe. 

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