Wednesday, 15 August 2012

no boat, but a "ship!"

Hello dear reader....Kristin here.  As I mentioned in the video update, fellowship is a strength of Kingdom Life Church.   This past Sunday we had yet another opportunity for fellowship with our church.  One of the ladies in the church had called last week and invited us for Sunday lunch, or "dinner" as they call it.  I told her we'd be glad to come, but that we had Keith's parents and nephew with us.  She said she knew we had extra family in town and to of course bring them...there'd be lots of people coming, and it would be a potluck.  After attending a few of these potlucks, I have a greater appreciation for what a massive amount of food can result with each family bringing only 1 or 2 dishes!  We had BBQ chicken, fried fish, mac and cheese, peas and rice, potato salad, veggie salad, and BBQ'd baked beans.  This was followed by pineapple upside down cake and chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.  There was plenty!

All in all, our hostess had 26 people.  This is common here at Kingdom Life.  As a hostess, I would be tempted to be nervous about having 26 people over for dinner, but when you divide it up potluck style, it becomes much less daunting.  Isn't this how all of life is meant to be lived in the kingdom of God?  Each of us, using our gifts, coming together to share what we can with the rest of God's people?...It's a beautiful thing.  God mysteriously works in our community, causing each of our small contributions to swell and multiply into something much greater than we could imagine.  I love having the resources of friends within the body of Christ to turn to for counsel, encouragement and help.  Whether I have questions about parenting, homeschooling, home-management or any other area of practical need, I am rich to have so many wise and godly people to turn to for help.  As the days, weeks, and months continue to add up here in Nassau, I am praying that God will cause our small contributions to this local church to mix with all the others already represented and multiply into something greater than we can imagine.  We pray the same for Crossway!  For God's Glory...

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  1. Thanks for doing this blog, Kristin and Keith. It's wonderful to be able to 'check in' with you and see what you're doing. It was great last week to see the video of your family during the meeting! Wish you could have watched us watch you in our new meeting house! It was great feeling you near....and you are near in thought and in our hearts.
    All the Lord's blessings to you. Warm greetings to your daughters. (they did such a good job in the video!)