Sunday, 19 August 2012

baptism service

Goodman's Bay Beach

Yesterday, we participated in our first baptism service since our arrival in Nassau.  What a joy it was to be involved in such a significant event in the lives of these folks...including two Bunting's:  Keaton and Kara.  Kingdom Life's baptism services are held at Goodman's Bay Beach, one of the public beaches on the island.  It is a unique opportunity because there are people at the beach, and these people take notice of what we're doing as we sing and baptize.  It is a great evangelistic opportunity  Afterwards, those who attended lingered as we ate conch stew together.

Here is an chance to get to know a little about each of those baptized as well as others who partipated in the service.  They are as follows from left to right.

David Humes - David is a member of the Kingdom Life Church leadership team and has been for many years!  David assisted in the baptism.

Myrna Wilson - Myrna has been a Christian for most of her life, was baptized as an infant in the Anglican church here in Nassau, and had the desire to humble herself as an adult to participate in believer's baptism.  She is a prayer warrior in the church.

Cedric Moss - senior pastor

Joshua Bethel - Joshua is a humble, godly young man whom I have gotten to know since our arrival.  He is one of our youth and has now made a profession of faith.  He also plays drums on the worship team.

Vernika, Vernal, Janis and Levante Cox (all in the same family) have made professions of faith and desired to be baptized.  Vernal and Janis (husband and wife) have been believers for several years.  Vernal was never baptized, and Janis (like Myrna her mother) was baptized as an infant and wanted to follow through with adult baptism as well.

Me, Kara and Keaton.  One of my greatest joys in life so far was to baptize two of my daughters.  May God's grace rest on them as they continue to grow in becoming disciples of Christ.

Below are photos of Keaton and Kara getting baptized.

Kara getting baptized.

Keaton getting baptized.

Video of singing after baptism...


  1. So grateful the Buntings are serving in the Bahamas. The video of singing at the baptism about brought me to tears! Can't wait to see how God uses you all there!!!

  2. Congratulations, Keaton and Kara, on your baptisms! What a special, happy moment in your lives.
    All our love from Lancaster and the Haughery's!!