Friday, 10 August 2012

Keith's parents here from Florida

God has been very good to us!  As most of you know, my parents have had many health challenges over the past several years.  My mother has battled cancer for the past 7 years (currently in remission), and my dad currently battles Parkinson's Disease.  These two saints are faithful examples of steadfast, daily faith in God who live grateful for every day!

Last Saturday, they both boarded the plane along with my 18 year-old nephew and came to visit us.  This requires long lines, dealing with customs officers and putting up with us for ten days!  They are to be commended for their courage and young-heartedness as they are in their 70's.  It is amazing that they came to visit us already.  God is good!

We actually had them to the beach the other evening, and they seemed to have a great time.  We are hoping to make the most of it throughout the remaining time we have together.  Here are a few photos.

Please pray for them that God will continue to grant them good health.  Also, pray for their traveling safety as they head back to Orlando on Tuesday.

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