Tuesday, 3 June 2014

moments of grace

I meant to get this post up before the last, but alas, I did not.  So here is a bit of backtracking from our Crossway E-team week!

What a joy to have 14 dear ones here from our sending church in Lancaster, PA!  When we told people here in Nassau they would be hard-working, we weren't kidding.  These folks are not only some of the hardest workers we know, but also express great joy in the midst of their work.  Clyde Erb is to be commended for his bright eyes and cheerful smiles each day!  I never for one moment felt anything but joy and gladness from this man, even though I knew the heat, climbing up and down on a hot roof, and many other factors had to be taking a toll on him.  Not only that, but Clyde really engaged our girls in conversation, drawing them out about the upcoming move and their faith for it.  He commended them for following their mom and dad and assured them it was no small thing before the Lord.  What a wonderful legacy he left here! 

And as for all the other dear 13...it is true of them too. You have left a legacy.  Kurt, Gary, John, Jared, Noah, Greg, Josh, Daniel, Joanne,  Lisa, Deborah, Carissa, Brianna: you all have earned your reward in heaven!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your joyful attitudes, heart to serve, and warm hugs for us made it a week of "iron sharpening iron" for us as we finish out our time here in Nassau.  You helped us to remember there are brothers and sisters just a thousand miles away who are laboring for the gospel just as we are...and are willing to come alongside us, literally, to help.  Thank you.  May God's name be known wider and further because of you.  Enjoy the pictures!
Our humble dinner of spaghetti, bread, green beans and jello

I asked our former Care Group YA's "Wouldn't it have been nice to have all this space for Young Adult Care Group?"
Keith expressing our gratefulness for the team

Kurt looks confused and Clyde looks surprised
 (Do you like the moving boxes?)

Moving boxes, Chess, and Crossway

Greg Groff fixing Keith's power steering the first night...wouldn't eat dinner 'til it was done!

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