Thursday, 29 May 2014

trivets of grace

According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, a trivet is "a three legged stand" or "a usually metal stand with short feet for use under a hot dish."  But you probably knew that already, right?  But here's what you may not know: several years ago God gave me a picture of broken china...the formal stuff ladies only take down once or twice a year on special occasions...and this china was hammered down into pieces that no longer were pristine.  Then, the picture was of the broken pieces being plastered together into a hot-plate, or trivet, if you will.  This trivet, made up of the fine china, was now a serviceable tool that could be used at every meal...365 days a year.  And so, God's indication to me was that our lives (the Buntings) have been broken down from fine china to a serviceable trivet or "hot-pad" that will be used every day, anywhere...for His glory.  One further detail to note is that the trivet is Three-legged, indicating the presence of God working there through us...similar to the picture in Eccl. 4:12 "A three-fold cord is not quickly broken."

Well, many times in the last few years I have recalled this picture the Lord gave me and smiled, even in the midst of pain, remembering what He has done and is doing in us.  But this morning as I was reflecting (Boy, I do THAT a lot!) it struck me again that much of my personal ministry here in Nassau has been manual labor...simply preparing, serving, and cleaning up food.  At church, in my home, in others' homes, and out at and all that goes along with it has been the #1 thing I've been busy doing here!  This is unique to this place, though we have served in two other churches vocationally as a pastoral family, and in three other churches as lay-people.  My desire in ministry would be to counsel, disciple, and facilitate ladies' groups, and for the most part this is how God has used me in the past, but that is not how the Lord has used me here.  At times, it has felt like a misuse of my time and gifts.  At times I have likely complained.  But this morning I am thanking God that He has used me nonetheless...just differently than before.  There is nothing dishonorable about preparing and serving food, in fact Jesus himself gave us the example of "serving" the Last Supper to His disciples as an indication of laying His life down for them.  Should I seek to rise higher than He?

We Buntings are simply trivets of God's grace.  Usable in whatever form God asks of us, we desire to respond humbly.  Be encouraged this morning that whatever service God asks of you, there is nothing "too small" when it is done in the name of Jesus. 
 "And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.”  Matt. 10:42

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  1. Hi Kristin! Thanks for your faithful comments and for finding me even when I'm MIA for so long. I could relate to the constant preparing and serving of food in you post! Though I do enjoy it, I'd rather be engaged in the things you mentioned, as well. I'm excited about your tradition to the church in Florida, and would love to tai you up on a visit sometime. We'll see... I will pray for your move and the many goodbyes you will have to say. May the Lord go before you and be with you in all of the details and during the move. I hope you will keep blogging and keep us posted on how things are going! Much love, Melanie