Monday, 29 April 2013

off to the races (or, time is flying)

Weeks have passed here at "life on 21/7" and no blogging to speak of.  Well, if you check out Kristin's personal blog, you will find some tidbits.  Ministry life at a small church is running at top-speed, it would seem.  Currently we are involved in planning/attending several things including:

  • Alternatives...every Tuesday morning from 10am---? (Last week the last attendee left at 3pm)  This is an outreach to the community for those who are unemployed and need help with applying for jobs/filling out resumes, advice on how to interview, etc.  Last Tuesday, our first week, we had 15 in attendance...all of whom were complete strangers to Kingdom Life.  We had people who are literally living in their vehicles at the beach (including children) as well as people who were recently laid off from high--paying jobs in the off-shore banking industry.  This week we may have perhaps as many as 25.  Please pray for us as we are seriously outnumbered and want to help each person as much as possible!
  • The Ladies' Brunch ...this is our Mother's Day activity, taking place on Sat. May11th.  Kristin is helping with planning/decorating and a tribute to one specific mother in our church while Keith is rehearsing a group of young ladies to present a song for the mothers.
  • Weekly Care Group at our home...each Wednesday we meet, always beginning with a meal.  We currently have 7 adults and 6 children who attend.
  • Monthly hosting of students from College of the Bahamas...every 4-6 weeks we host the group of college students for a Sunday meal, followed by a care-group-like discussion and prayer, then we transport them back to their dorms.
  • Weekly worship team rehearsals...Thursday nights 7:30-9ish. 
  • Counter-culture meetings each Friday night (Youth Group) 7:30-9:30 ish.
  • Monthly Prayer meeting...First Monday night of the month 7:30-9ish.
  • Sunday mornings...beginning with prayer at 9am, usually home by 1 or 1:30pm. 
  • August VBS/Music Camp...To be held August 5-9th.  Pray that we find the curriculum best suited to the children who will attend.  Pray for hearts to be softened and fertile even now, a few months ahead.  Pray for all the many details, logistics, and necessities of the camp that still need worked out.  Mostly...Pray that Jesus Christ will be Glorified!
So, there are a few tidbits of our current involvement and planning.  This week, Keith will also be preaching as Cedric is away for his daughter's college graduation at Duquense.  We also have friends coming from Frederick, MD, who will be staying with us Friday through Monday! 

Warm Caribbean Greetings coming your way.....

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