Tuesday, 26 February 2013

why are we surprised?

This past Sunday (or "Sunday past" in Bahamian), we had two very wonderful things happen at Kingdom Life.  Both happenings were answers to prayers prayed for many months!

The first was our meeting of the Finleys, an American-Canadian couple newly moved to Nassau.  They are a young couple who have strong walks with God and have moved here for both job and gospel purposes.  It looks as if they will be making Kingdom Life their home church while living here!  When I first saw them at the back of the church, I assumed (as usual) that they were on a cruise and had decided to worship with us for Sunday morning.  What a surprise when I heard that they were not just visiting Nassau, but were residents as of a few weeks ago!  What's more, they had actually visited our church two years ago when the Buntings were here visting Nassau.  We remembered seeing each other that morning two years ago.  I couldn't believe that... how we both were at Kingdom Life the same Sunday two years ago for a visit, and now have both landed here.  There is no coincidence in this.  God is so kind. 

In response to this exciting and amazing answer to prayer (for God to bring more members to Kingdom Life...and on top of that, to broaden our church's "cultural diversity") I asked them if they could join us for lunch.  And so, we had a wonderful few hours together, getting to know as much as possible about them and what brought them our way.  What a delight. 

Our second delight was when we heard that our dear sister Keva, a core person at Kingdom Life, had been released from the hospital.  On and off (heavy on the "on"), Keva has been in the hosptial since the beginning of the year due to complications with her ongoing kidney disease.  There were moments when we wondered if her body could take any more hardship, but God has brought her through...again.  Please continue to pray for Keva...that God would strengthen her inner being, both physically and spiritually.  Pray with our church that God would do the miraculous and actually cause Keva's kidneys to be regenerated into healthy, functioning organs.  There is a large hole in our church when Keva is not with us.  She is an example of clinging to God for every moment, a prayer warrior, and a faithful servant.

In a way, my head is still spinning with these two amazing answers to prayer.  We are stirred up to pray more, pray for big things, pray tirelessly, pray for the miraculous.  God is a faithful God.

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