Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Who is Like Our God?

We're on the brink of finishing a new song we've written as a couple,  "Who is Like Our God?"  Last week, in the midst of a study on Exodus, I began to marvel at the excellencies of our holy, just, and compassionate God.  I asked prayerfully for Him to help me write something that would give words to the thoughts of praise and adoration circling in my mind in those moments.  And He answered.  The next day Keith put the words to music and last night he played it for me.  It still needs a bit of tweaking, but we think it's a keeper! 

For many years, one of our desires as a couple has been to write songs for the church.  Long before we ever heard of "Keith and Kristyn Getty" we were working on songs, but never seemed to carve out the time to be serious about it.  In moving to Nassau, Keith now has time (and it actually fits under his job description!) to write music.  In return, I sense the Lord stirring me up to craft my words, poems, etc. toward the goal of lyric-writing.  Pray for us in this!  We love working together in any capacity, but this is one endeavor that can directly use our individual gifts for the good of corporate worship.  May God give us the grace to be faithful to the task.  We'll keep you posted on the final draft of this new song and how it goes over at Kingdom Life Church!