Tuesday, 4 September 2012

small churches stay busy!

Good morning friends...Kristin again.  As I wake to the sounds of dogs barking, birds calling, and the whirring of the ceiling fan, I recount our busy schedule for the week.  For a small church, Kingdom Life stays very active!  I'll give you a window into what is packed into this week.
  • Sunday past, we had 20 or so students from The College of the Bahamas at our meeting.  We prepared and served them dinner directly after the meeting. I know it's unfathomable from a U.S. perspective, but the expectation in the Bahamas for these students, who are from the "Family Islands" (aka the other islands of the Bahamas) is that they at least attend a local church once while they are here.  We were thrilled to be able to run a bus ministry to have them picked up from their dorms, have them at our meeting, and serve them a good meal. (There is no cafeteria at the college, and students must do all their own cooking!) Over our meal together, Cedric had strategically placed members of our leadership around the tables in order to make personal contact with these students.  We distributed a pamphlet about the Parable of the Seeds and had conversation with them about what they thought the different types of ground represented.  Their answers revealed that many of them had no true knowledge of God's Word or His gospel.  Pray for more gospel opportunities with these students.
  • Monday (yesterday) 7:30 pm was Corporate Prayer, a once a month occurrence.  Note here:  I was so affected by this prayer time last night.  No timid pray-ers here!  These dear saints pray with passion, armed with scripture that has been committed to memory.  We prayed for the lost, our need and desire to be more out-ward focused, healing for the sick, and for a fresh movement of the Holy Spirit on our people.
  • Tuesday: no meeting agenda
  • Wednesday: 7:30pm -Special class on how to personally study your bible.  Guest Speaker to address us. This class will alternate with Care Group Meetings, which also meet Wednesday nights.
  • Thursday: 7:30pm--Worship Team Practice  (for the Buntings, this is an all-family on deck night!)
  • Friday: 7:30pm--Counter Culture Youth Meeting
  • Saturday:  Dance Ministry Practice (This will at least involve our Kara, who is bursting with excitement at the opportunity to use her gifts in this way!)
  • Sunday: 10 am Morning Meeting
Well, as you can see there is not a dull moment in our church calendar.  We are feeling the fullness of our family schedule this week as we also dive back into homeschooling.  Pray for us and the church as our fall activities are back up and running...that we will meet and labor for the gospel, sustained by the strength God supplies us.

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