Wednesday, 12 September 2012

christmas is coming...

Last night we hosted our first planning meeting for our Christmas season presentation.  We will, Lord willing, present a night of gospel-centered choral music, worshipful dance, and carol singing on Saturday Dec. 22nd and Sunday Dec. 23rd this Christmas season.  We are gaining excitement as we think of the ways Kingdom Life can impact the Nassau community evangelistically throughout the year.  Music is always a draw at Christmas, and our prayer is that God will use these two nights of presentation to bring people from the community who need to hear the gospel.

Though the Christmas presentation will be fairly involved, the bigger thrust for us in the area of music and arts will be at Easter time.  Our goal is to write our own Easter musical, including all original drama as well as the music and or/musical arragements.  We have one couple at Kingdom Life who is gifted in the area of script-writing and drama,  Clarence and Demetria Rolle.  (Clarence is the man who put together our update video last month.)  For a small church, the Lord has blessed Kingdom Life with various gifted individuals.  The Dance Ministry, under the direction of two ladies, begins rehearsing this Saturday.   This is a ministry that has held a place at Kingdom Life for many years, and we are excited to see young ladies in the church use their gifts to augment our worship through dance. 

As soon as things are reasonably in place for Christmas, hopefully by October, we will begin the writing for the Easter presentation.  We appreciate your prayers as we seek to rightly present  the gospel through music, drama, and dance to the best of our little church's ability! 

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  1. I am so glad you are putting a lot of effort into Easter, not just Christmas. It's always bothered me that we celebrated Christ's birth with so much hoopla (as it should be!) but then sort of skimmed over his death and resurrection. I'm all for a merry Christmas, but I'd love it if we celebrated Easter with as much enthusiasm :)