Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Sunday comics

This church knows how to eat!
Sunday was a day of hilarity for Kingdom Life Church.   The church that plays together stays together!   We had a Family Fun Day out at Adventure Learning Camp, where the Crossway Church of Lancaster mission team will be staying.  We ate, talked, and played ridiculously together.  Keith represented our care group in the hula hoop contest and probably would have won if he hadn't looked down!  The Bunting girls did us proud as they competed in the teen and child age group hula hoop contest.  Kendall almost took it, but was beat by our favorite little man, CJ Dean!   Next came the hula hoop group game, which our care group won both times.  Next up:musical chairs!

Meals are always "served" at our church...no serving yourself!
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But the real fun began when the adults formed a game!  To see Pastor Moss competing was a riot! This by far will be a standout memory in our time here and we laughed more than we have in a good while.  Enjoy the pictures!

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