Tuesday, 22 October 2013

a literal Genesis means a literal Savior

Two Sundays ago, Oct.13th, Kingdom Life had the privilege of hosting Jay Seegert, founder of Creation Education Center http://www.cecwisc.org/, and his wife Amy.  Jay spoke for a young adult weekend at the Adventure Learning Camp and was gracious enough to speak to our church Sunday morning as well.  While there was so much information it felt as if we were "drinking from a fire hose," (Jay's words), I sat marveling at the awesome power of God.  Jay has dedicated the last 27 years of his life to studying all he can about the creation of the world, the inerrancy of Scripture in direct correlation to Creation and cross-referencing the biblical account with archaeological and scientific discoveries.  It all began when he went away to a secular college and realized he needed to know WHY he believed what he believed about God and His Word.  According to statistics, 50-75% of young adults leave the faith they once professed by the time they leave college.  Jay said he had a professor who had anyone who believed in God and the Bible to raise their hands.  Jay did.  Then the professor said, "by the time you're done with MY class, that will change."   This is sobering, but common in our secular education system today.  Sadly, even many professing "Christian" education institutes are beginning to promote  this type of teaching. 

"The literal truth of Genesis is the only way the literal need for a Savior exists" Jay said.  The more I pondered the book of Genesis, in all it's "firsts" (first account of earth's existence, first man, first woman, first spoken words of God to humans, first sin, first judgment, first promise of redemption...) it struck me, really for the first time, how true Jay's statement is.  If Adam and Eve were not literally created and did not literally sin just as Genesis records it, then there would have been no need for a Savior.  Christians who talk about the possibility of a mix between Biblical creation and evolution are missing this.  There's so much more I want to say about this, but I will hold off.

We were able to spend lunchtime with Jay and his wife Amy, together with the Mosses, Seeleys, and Humes.  This was a nice getaway from our usual Sunday afternoon.
(at the Moss home)
Kristin, Antja Humes, Cedric and Alexine Moss, Mindy and Tim Seeley,
Amy and Jay Seegert, Keith, and David Humes

Keaton and Kendall, Debbie Johnson (the Moss's niece), Logan and Zach Seeley,
Kara, and Abby Moss

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