Saturday, 6 July 2013

Meet the Finlays

In a few of our posts, we've referred to the ways God is growing our church here in Nassau.  I've introduced you to the Seeleys.  Today, I present: Blair and Alissa Finlay!   Blair already had a cousin living here with her husband and children.  Blair and Alissa moved here in January for Blair to take employment as a project manager for one of the newer developments on the island.  They have been a blessing to our family in so many ways.  Last night we had them over for a belated Independence Day get-together.  Blair hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (so he may not care so much about our American independence!) and Alissa from Wichita, Kansas.  They've been married about 4 years.  Aren't they a cute couple?  Alissa is a fellow homemaker,recipe lover, writer, and lover of books.  She graciously has offered to keep the Bunting girls current with haircuts FREE OF CHARGE, as she uses her skills from her previous work as a hair stylist.  Blair always engages with children wherever he finds them, being zany and fun.  He and Alissa have both agreed to serve in significant ways at Kingdom Life, including sound room work and projection, as well as play a large part in our upcoming Music Camp/VBS in early August.  Last night after having a Mexican meal (Well, really what is American food?)  we engaged in a fun game of "Things."  This is really hilarious.  Somehow the answer "Pirates" kept being given by one of us in answer to many various questions.  We were laughing so hard a few of us shed tears of joy.  For instance, "Things that hang..."  Someone gave the answer "Pirates" (meaning they will hang for their crimes).  But then later topics like "Things girls talk about while going to the bathroom together" or "Things that should come with instruction manuals"  And people kept giving the answer "Pirates."  To us this was Laugh OUT LOUD funny.  If it's not to you, well, it should be. 

We had such a great time last night.  I haven't laughed like that since we've moved here, I'd say.  We are blessed that God has brought this couple into our lives and church.  May God bless them beyond their imaginations as they seek to be salt and light in this nation.

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