Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Show Us Christ

Things are in full swing here at Bunting Central.   Schooling, church meetings, and cantata writing!

Next up: the PRIVITERAS!!  We are even more excited after getting a taste of "tour guiding" with friends who've already been here.  Now remember, we're driving on the left down here.  If you come and want to borrow our van, we may make you take a driver's test first!  (Pete, We're sure you'll do fine!)

And in the meantime, between fun days out with Lancaster friends, we are putting our collective nose to the grindstone, writing and arranging our Easter cantata.  The opening song will be Doug Plank's "Show Us Christ" as we set the tone for our music and narration.  We are using quotes by historic men of God, such as Calvin and Spurgeon, as well as contemporary authors and pastors, such as Sinclair Ferguson, to weave the story of redemption throughout our musical experience.  A sampling of great songs slated to be used are: A Mighty Fortress is Our God, How Sweet the Day, O Sacred Head Now Wounded, The Power of the Cross, Revelation Song, and All I Have is Christ.    All in all, we are planning for a little over an hour of music and narration, along with a gospel invitation.  Please pray for us as we arrange and write, refine and rehearse.  We want this to bring glory to God as we clearly portray God's plan for saving sinners.  We serve a great God in the midst of a needy people.

We love you, our dear family and friends, whether in Lancaster, Butler, Florida, Nassau, or anywhere else you may be.  We feel the effects of your prayers for us!  Please keep it up!

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