Wednesday, 19 December 2012

life with Kingdom Life

Seems like birthday parties kind of mark out the year for us.  It was a birthday party early in July where we got together with several of the ladies and children from Kingdom Life.  And again, this past Sunday, we celebrated another birthday among the children of our church.  Andre was turning 5.  and there must have been at least 20 children and their corresponding parents all under one roof to eat, fellowship and sing a Bahamian-style Happy Birthday to this little guy.  On the menu was chicken curry (A Bahamian staple), conch fritters, steam conch, steam fish, rice, coleslaw, corn, and or course, cake and ice cream.  We provided drinks.  (I try not to take it personally that they don't ask me to bring an entree!)  I really wish I could have recorded the Bahamian style Happy Birthday...just picture EVERYONE...adults and children, drumming on the table, and in a syncopated rhythm singing "Happy Birthday (Da da Da) to you (Da da Da) Happy Birthday (Da da Da) to you, ...."  I think you get the jist of it.  So cool.  Way cooler than the American style!!

Kara and Katie

Andre the birthday boy

some of the crew...
Ve'ondre, Keaton, Darnell

Doni and Ve' ondre

Kendall and the litte chicks she mothers...Darnell and Aniah
Here are some pictures to document the event.  Sorry they aren't clearer.  I was using Kendall's camera, and I think she had it on a setting that didn't fit the indoors.  Enjoy.

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