Thursday, 18 October 2012

new mercies I see

This past Sunday, Kingdom Life Church had "Friends and Family Sunday," which is an ongoing (quarterly) event.  The church is asked to invite as many people as possible: friends, co-workers, neighbors, and of course, family.  This week we had 23 visitors.  We had hoped for 50, but still 23 visitors makes a wonderful turnout.  And even though this number was reduced quite a bit from our last quarter's event, there was something special about it.  At Care Group last night we all agreed that the Spirit of God seemed more obviously at work this past Sunday; in the music, in the preaching, in the fellowship. 

Before our meeting, at prayer, one person prayed specifically that the music would affect hearts, and that phrases from songs would linger in peoples' hearts, drawing them to the gospel.  Later, we heard from one member that a friend who attended Sunday called her on Monday to ask for the words of a song we used in our worship.  She said she couldn't get one of the phrases out of her head and she'd like to have all the words to look at.  God is faithful! 

Another visiting friend mentioned that he was affected by the fact that we have children playing instruments in the service, and that he'll be back.  This man in not a Christian.  We wonder why seeing children up front made such an impact on him, yet we know the Father works through many means to draw us...

As the visitors' reception was coming to a close, I was talking with a visiting family.  I mentioned that we'd only been here a few months.  "Really? (the wife asked, shocked) You look as if you'd been here for years.  You fit right in and look so comfortable among the people here."  WOW!  God is truly aiding and assisting us!  As the only white family in the church, it is hard to imagine how we look as if we "fit right in," but God can do that!  Amazing grace.

Friends, God is at work here in Kingdom Life Church, Nassau.  The gospel is going forth.  Hearts are being pricked on many levels.  Including ours.  Living in a new country and culture is very disarming.  We see God at work despite our weaknesses.  In our weaknesses.  Please continue to pray that these contacts with visitors will bear fruit.  That many will return in subsequent weeks and be drawn not just to Kingdom Life, but to Christ, ultimately.

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