Friday, 27 July 2012

evening in Nassau...

This week seems to have been beach week for us.  We've beach-hopped quite a bit.  There are several great places to enjoy the surf and sand, which we'd be happy to show you if you were to come for a visit!  But let me assure you that in our opinion, we've found there is no better time to be at the beach than after 6pm.  The heat is subsiding, the breeze is softly blowing, the sun is setting, and we become aware of perhaps why God chose to walk with Adam and Eve "in the cool of the day."  It is a stunning time to be in paradise!

However, tonight, we will experience a better piece of paradise as we join with our church family for a night of Prayer and Praise...7:30 pm.  Keith has planned about two hours of worship/singing, scripture reading, and times of prayer for the body to join in.  If this past Sunday's meeting is any indication of what awaits us tonight, we are in for a blessed time.  Can't quite describe the beauty in our worship time this past Sunday, but God was meeting us, just as he promises to do when we are gathered.  The church here was introduced to "Behold Our God" for the first time, and it was not only well-received, but sung with reverence and emotion.  I for one (Kristin here) am counting down the hours to our gathering tonight.  We'll let you know how it goes! 

One item of prayer would be for next Saturday, August 4th, as Kingdom Life Church will have a one-hour time slot of presenting the gospel through music at the local mall.  There will be other churches there as well, but Kingdom Life has its own time slot from 2-3pm.  Pray that God will enable us to make gospel contacts as people come by our booth, listen to our children's choir and worship team, and meet people from our body of believers.  There will be a team of people there to hand out fliers, tracts, and be ready to answer any questions.  All in all, we'll be there 3 hours, making ourselves accessible one hour before and after our 2:00 time slot.  Pray that God will give us strength, grace, and opportunities to share the gospel. 

'til next time....

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